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What is the best Robotic Vacuum?

The iRobot J7+ must be the best robot vacuum on the market. It's also the best value. Being in the vacuum industry for over 20 years, I have watched these vacuums develop and technology change. I also have more recently had to repair all these iRobot wanna-be's. This is why, when it came time to replace my 4 year old Miele Scout Robotic vacuum I chose the iRobot.

I received the iRobot J7+ for Christmas and I can't tell you how it has changed my life. All the issues I had with previous robotic vacuums have been solved with this model:It empties itself. It not only empties itself at the end of its cleaning job, but if it gets full during its job, it will run "home" empty itself and go back out. It also will do this if the battery gets low. Not having to empty the bin every day, or every time the robotic vacuum does a cleaning job is by far the best feature. Even smarter and healthier, it empties itself into a BAG. Because bags are better!

I never find it "stuck" somewhere. My previous robotic vacuums would always end up stuck on something and I would have to spend time searching for it. Which, inevitably would mean it would go unused for days because who has time to play hide-and-seek with a vacuum every day? It understands obstructions, and learns where they are (with my help in the app) and avoids them in the future.

You can set clean Zones. I have set up specific zones for it to clean. This is helpful when you just need it to clean a small spot and you don't want to roaming around the house for two hours before getting there. The other day I said "Google, tell Gucci (the name of my iRobot because she was expensive but worth it) to clean the bedroom." Immediately Gucci was off her home dock and making a bee-line for our master bedroom. I was giddy.

The App keeps us consumers on our toes when it comes to maintenance. It will let you know when the roller needs to be cleaned, bag, filter or edge brush needs to be changed, and also when it rarely if ever does get stuck. If it does get stuck the app tells you where!

Of course there are some cons, but they are more than outweighed by the pros. The bag is not the biggest. Bags on full-sized vacuums usually last 2-3 months. I don't know if its because I have her working every day, or if it just doesn't pack in the dirt like a full sized vacuum, but her .6 gallon bag filled up in 9 days. Yikes! I guess Sarah and Betty shed more thank I realized.

It is also is noisier than my last robot vacuum (Miele scout) But I usually am not home when it's running, so it doesn't bother me. It also is loud when it empties itself. But again, rarely home for that.

Shortly after we got the iRobot, I was sent an article about iRobot sharing the photos that are taken of "obstacles" one of those photos being someone on their toilet. Im not sure I believe those photos could ever be shared but iRobot, but for those who are paranoid...maybe that could be a worry.

Overall, if you purchase the iRobot you won't be disappointed. I did not get given my vacuum no did I buy it for cost. Spend a bit more upfront so you can have all the conveniences to make this robotic vacuum truly make your life easier.Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, when you do, it helps a small business!

Here's the video about the J7+:


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