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Riccar Central vacuum systems offer numerous benefits including exceptional filtration for improved indoor air quality, impressive cleaning performance, nearly silent operation and the fact that they increase a home’s overall market value. These models have taken the most desirable convenience features developed after years of research for our upright and canister vacuums and brought them to the world of central vacuum systems.

Our Riccar central systems are built to stand up to the toughest cleaning tasks not only when new, but for years to come. In fact, all Riccar Central vacuum power units are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


The ultimate in convenience, filtration and quiet operation, the Riccar hybrid central vacuums have a long history of solid performance. Paired with the central vacuum hose kit, you'll marvel at the suction power and delight in your dust-free home.

At Riccar, we are driven by one passion – to make world-class vacuums. Other companies fret over selling the most vacuums. Riccar puts the emphasis on selling the most incredible vacuums. First and foremost, we start with performance. We’re obsessed with suction and with air flow numbers. We agonize over tiny tweaks to the motors, the fans and the seals seeking the most robust performance possible from each component we design. It’s no wonder that a company completely obsessed with cleaning performance reinvented the way a vacuum cleans.

Benefits of a Riccar


A healthy home is a happy home. With powerful suction, lightweight, versatile convenience and durability, BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are designed to help remove dirt, dust, allergens and other debris from your living space.


The quiet way to clean.

RiccarCentral Vacuum Systems are quieter than most household sounds. Vacuum whenever you want without disturbing the peace and tranquility of your home.

With the motor located away from the living area, the quiet hush of airflow is all you’ll hear. Vacuum whenever you want without disturbing anyone’s activities or sleep.



With Riccar, vacuuming is light housekeeping, not a weight-lifting exercise or obstacle course. Move easily from task to task, level-to-level, floor to ceiling, and upstairs, with Riccar's lightweight hoses and ergonomic tools.

The average portable vacuum weighs 15 lbs. while a Riccar hose & handle is only 7 lbs. Which would you rather lift to clean your stairs with?



A built-in Riccar Central Vacuum System is easy to maneuver around furniture and doorways, up stairs, and from room to room without having to lift a heavy upright vacuum or drag a canister around behind you. With convenient cleaning tools on board, you always have the right tool for the job.

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