Central Vacuum

We sell, install and repair central vacuum cleaners. Don't currently have central vacuum system? Central vacuums can be installed in existing homes, so it's not too late! Call us today to schedule a service call or estimate!

What brand of central vac do you have? We service all brands: Cyclovac, Beam, MD, Electrolux, Nutone, Honeywell, Vacuflow, Cana-Vac, Hayden, Ecopure, Royal, Eureka and more.

When it comes to a new central vacuum, we proudly install

Cyclovac central vacuums. Cyclovac is  the world leader in

innovation and performance. Cyclo Vac designs,

manufactures and markets a wide array of high quality central

vacuums, to meet your needs and expectations.

Discover the new practicle, quick and efficient way to clean with the Cyclo Vac Retractable Hose System. This vacuum inlet with integrated retractable hose allows you to use only the length of hose required at the moment, no more, no less, and to start your Cyclo Vac central vacuum cleaner

Where high quality central vacuums are concerned, CYCLO VAC is a cut above. Strong vacuuming power, high indoor air quality, efficiency, ease of use, and quietness result from its unique design.

Clean efficiently with 1 hand, in 1 second!
The WallyFlex is an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuum systems, an essential tool for the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, and even the closet. It is practical, nice-looking, and easy to install onto any standard vacuum inlet.
Classy, and ridiculously affordable, the WallyFlex is always there when you need it!




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