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Clipper Repair

We Service All Major Brands!

Vac MD services and repairs most major brands of animal clippers including Andis, Alpha-Laval, Heiniger, Liscop, Lister, Stewart Sunbeam (Brown), Oster, and Wahl. Our technician is highly experienced and performs repairs on all clippers in-house. Don't see your brand here...just ask! Some brands are not as repairable as others but we offer free estimates.

Each clipper is carefully inspected, disassembled, and evaluated. Your equipment is always handled and serviced by professionals who have worked on clippers and are aware of any problems your clipper may have.

Servicing your hair clippers without the consultation of an expert can result in unintentional damage to your devices—for instance, one common misstep when self-cleaning clippers are wiping away the grease underneath the clipper head. Most people assume this is one way to clean their clippers’ drive train when in actuality, that grease is essential to the machine’s durability. Individual components need to be appropriately greased to ensure the clippers’ parts aren’t grating against each other, resulting in significant wear and tear that could permanently damage your equipment.

Vacuum Brands we service
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