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Miele Triflex HX1 vs. HX2

Hopefully this clears up the differences in the HX1 vs HX1 Facelift vs HX2, or you can also watch our video about it:

Is it worth it to buy an HX2 over the HX1? In one word YES. But now there's also the HX1 Facelift. What about that model?

Miele has definitely made great improvements on their HX1 Facelift and HX2 models. The comfort clean feature alone is worth it. This feature taps off the dirt from the filter so you don't have to clean it as often. But there's so much more.

Going with the HX2 is very smart. The digital motor alone is 60% more powerful than the HX1 and HX1 Facelift. HX1 and HX2 will both certainly do the job on hard surfaces, they both pick up great, but you will have better maintenance of your carpeted and soft surfaces with the increased suction on the HX2.

Also, if you have a smaller home, you COULD make the HX2 your only vacuum. I still recommend having a corded vacuum if you have over 2000 sq ft. The HX2 might be used the majority of the time, but during deep cleanings it's best to have a corded vacuum. Want to purchase the Triflex and support a small business!? Please shop our website:


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