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How to Repair a Kenmore Vacuum

The Kenmore brand has been around since the early 1900s and has been one of the top appliance brands in the country, until recently.

Kenmore was known for its innovations and quality. They were such a prestigious brand, other

manufactures would make products just to have the Kenmore brand name on them. For instance, many of the Kenmore vacuums were actually Panasonics! We have b

Vac MD has been repairing Kenmore vacuums for years. In recent years with the bankruptcy of Sears has made it more difficult to find parts and deal with sears. The closing of their retail stores also has made it hard for consumers to get their Kenmore Vacuums repaired.

Do you have a Kenmore vacuum? Is it NOT sucking? Is it noisy? Does it spit dirt instead of picking it up? Allow us to help you with some simple troubleshooting steps!

My Kenmore Vacuum isn't sucking: No worries there, it happens to all vacuum brands. Do you remember possibly sucking up something that could be obstructing it? Maybe you weren't the one using it last. Here are some easy ways to tell if the vacuum is clogged.

  1. Remove the hose, wand, and powerhead from the vacuum, and separate each.

  2. Take a penny or a paperclip and drop it down the hose. Did it come out the other side? If yes, your hose is clear, if no, the hose is most likely clogged. Do the same for the wand and power nozzle. **Always make sure you locate that penny, don't let it get left on the floor, because vacuums should not be picking up your loose change and paperclips!**

  3. Start by putting a Zip-It Drain snake through the nozzle side of the hose (the s

ide you hold onto). Usually, clogs are located in there and don't get much further. If for any reason you cannot get it out...bring it to us at Vac MD...mention this blog and we will give you one free unclog!

My Kenmore Vacuum is noisy. Let's isolate the noise. Remove your power nozzle, is your vacuum still noisy when that is not running? If so, you might have a motor problem. Honestly, Kenmore canisters are not worth replacing motors. It's time for a new vacuum. If you LOVE your Kenmore and must fix it, then bring it into a local vacuum repair store like Vac MD and we will take care of you.

If your vacuum isn't noisy with the power nozzle removed, then your power nozzle is probably the culprit. There are many aspects that could be causing the power nozzle to be noisy....brush roll (bearings), belt, or power nozzle motor.

My Kenmore Vacuum won't turn on. Nine out of ten Kenmore canister vacuums that are brought into our store and won't turn on, usually have an issue with the Vacuum Hose Swivel. Because of the way

Kenmore Canisters are used and dragged, a lot of pressure is put on this swivel, causing it to short out. No need to buy a whole new hose, just replace the swivel! Of course, we suggest you hire a professional to install it, but if you are going to try it yourself...good for you!

Other troubleshooting: Make sure you try changing the bag. Also, if you have sucked up drywall dust or fine dust like this, your vacuum bag may not be full, but that fine dust has prevented the vacuum from "breathing" so change it anyway. Your filters also need to be changed once a year.

As always, remember to think of your specialty vacuum stores when it's time to repair or buy a new vacuum. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right vacuum for your needs. Remember, you get what you pay for with vacuums!


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