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How to Dust Properly

If you have allergies you will want to watch this video. Here are 6 ways to dust your home properly, and keep the dust away.

No you will never avoid dust completely, but by following these simple tips, you will be able to keep your home fairly dust-free.

1. Keep your windows closed! Dust and dirt come into our homes from the outside. Make sure you keep your windows closed wherever possible, or know if you do have your windows open, you are likely allowing dust and dirt inside. I enjoy a cool breezy day with my windows open as much as the next person, but I enjoy them knowing I might have to dust.

2. Replace your AC/Furnace filter. Make sure you are replacing your filter monthly. This is your first line of defense when it comes to dust spreading through your home.

3. Have your ducts cleaned. Air is traveling through those make sure they are squeaky clean. ** This is where Vac MD comes in handy**

4. Dust with a bagged vacuum -- not a dusting cloth or microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are great for some uses, like wet cleaning surfaces but if you use a microfiber cloth to dry dust -- you are just pushing dust back into the air. The best way to dust your home and keep the away is by using a bagged vacuum. Bagged vacuums are healthier and they capture dust better. **If you have a bagless vacuum, check out our video about how to turn your bagless vacuum into a healthy-to-use bagged vacuum

5. Clean your bedding often too. Our bedding has skin cells, dust mites, hair and so much more. Clean your bedding weekly at a minimum.

6. Invest in a good air purifier. You should have an air purifier in your bedroom and one in each room you're in the most. Check out our other videos about air purification.

You can also watch our YouTube video on how to dust!


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