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TikTok Cancelling Dyson -What IS the Best Vacuum?

Yes, @ryancabreraoffical on TikTok was right! Dyson's are a lot of hype. Recently they just let go HUNDREDS of service & warranty centers across the US. Where will you get your $500+ vacuum fixed?

This is why buying from small businesses, whether online, or over the phone is important. We know what to ask to get you the right vacuum and we will service what we sell. Isn't it nice to be able to walk into a store to have something repaired? Weather it be your phone, car, computer or vacuum?

How will you get your Dyson fixed in the future? You will have to call their under-staffed 800 number and wait on hold for 30+ minutes just to get hung up on. I had to do this all the time for my customers, because even as a warranty center, we were still only technically allowed to warranty the corded vacuums. Then, once you wait on hold (if you don't get hung up on) an operator from another country will attempt to help you. This is insanity. No one should have to do this.

We have carried the Oreck from the TikTok for over 30 years. This particular model is well made. But even the company behind Oreck has changed enough, that I would hesitate selling these vacuums to my customers. As a vacuum store owner, I have spent much time researching new and better quality brands with better companies behind them. These brands spend money on creating a more quality and superior product. Not marketing.

  • Sebo - Although it is probably the most expensive brand we carry, it is also the best. Sebo has been around for over 25 years. Their warranties are by far the best in the industry. However, when you purchase from Medalist or Platinum dealers (like Vac MD) they are able to offer a 7 year parts and 10 years on labor. Did we mention Sebo is eco friendly? 100% Made in Germany, using locally sourced materials and components, SEBO vacuum cleaners are built to last and are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way that reduces waste and uses fewer resources. Plastic is recycled into new components, and the SEBO factory is completely self-sustaining with respect to electricity. Sebo Vacuums have received international recognition and product accolades from Consumers Digest Magazine, the Carpet and Rug Institute and more. Here's a more detailed list.

  • Riccar & Simplicity- These brands are owned by a 3rd generation family owned company -- Tacony. Tacony Corporation began as a family business and remains a family business, even as its reach expands worldwide. As a third generation of the Tacony family takes the lead, they remain focused on extending that sense of family to retailers, consumers and associates. Not only do they make two great brands of vacuums (Riccar and Simplicity) but Tacony Corporation has demonstrated unwavering stability and consistent growth since its founding in 1946. This long-term success can be attributed to a strong ethical stance, diversification and smart business practices. Well love brands with strong companies behind them. They have a large variety of vacuums: uprights, canisters, cordless, handheld, central vacuums, light weight and commercial. There's an option for everyone.

  • Miele - Miele is a more well-known brand. They do make quality vacuums and we love them because they rarely come back with manufacture issues. Miele has reduced their warranties. They range from 1 year to 5 years. However, most Miele customers are replacing theirs at 10-17 years. Miele has changed some of their German manufacturing over to China, so many customers are looking into Sebo instead. I wouldn't discourage this brand, because it certainly is a great one. Miele's motto Emmer Besser is very fitting.

  • Cyclovac - We choose Cyclovac over any other central vacuum brand. When we were offered the opportunity to carry more brands, my central vacuum technician (who has dealt with them all for 20+ years) only suggested Cyclovac. Cyclevac has been in the industry for over 60 years. Les Industries Trovac Ltée (ITL) was founded in 1960 by Mr. Jacques Bruneau, an expert in the field of central vacuum cleaners. His goal was to manufacture and distribute a central vacuum surpassing all those then available on the market. This project quickly materialized, and the rapid growth of this family business allowed the development of many major and exclusive innovations. Over the years, ITL concentrated its activities exclusively on designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality central vacuums. They also have great warranties that are rarely needed. Cyclovac has expanded into some select portable vacuums as well, which is a nice compliment to their brand.

Whenever I tell someone I own a specialty retail vacuum store the first question I am asked, is "How did you get into that business?" Vacuum stores are rare, in fact they are a dying breed of specialty retail. When it is time for a consumer to purchase a vacuum, usually they will purchase from a large retail store (ug) or online (ouch), going into a store like mine isn't my first instinct (sigh).

The second question I am asked is "What is the BEST vacuum?" Being that my store started as and Oreck exclusive store, you would think my answer to this question would be Oreck. But the answer all depends on you and the way you that is why I started carrying more brands and styles.

I have been working in the vacuum industry since 2003, but my family has owned vacuum stores since 1986! The answer to that question when I first started working in the family business was always ORECK. But as time has passed, I realized the vacuum I prefer, is not necessarily the best vacuum for everyone.

Telling you what vacuum is the 'best' vacuum is, would be similar to a car salesman telling you a Ferrari is the best car made. What if you prefer to off road? What if you have 4 kids? What if you have a boat to tow? A Ferrari is a great car, but it might not be right for your lifestyle.

The same goes for anyone who reaches out to their friends, family, or on social media asking for suggestions on the "best vacuum," do the "Jones" have an identical home/family/cleaning need situation as you? Do they clean in the same way you do? Do they clean as often? Do they have a cleaning company that cleans for them? Most likely, the vacuum your friend loves, may not be exactly perfect for your situation.

After you have googled "what is the best vacuum," your search should then be continued at a store like mine: a specialty retail vacuum store. You will be greeted by friendly employees that are knowledgeable about all vacuum brands.

Instead of following the hype of marketing in any product, dig deeper and find a local expert. We sell the products we do for a reason...because we are experts in the industry. Let us guide you in finding the BEST vacuum.


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