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The new Hizero F803 has arrived!

You may have a Hizero, or maybe you are looking to purchase one for the first time. Well, Hizero has come out with a new and improved model: the F803.

What’s new? Glad you asked!

Let’s start with what hasn’t changed. You will still get 60 minutes of battery run time on any speed. The Hizero F803 is still only 8.6 lbs (3.9kg). It can still hold 500mL of clean water and 550mL of dirty water. The Hizero has always been extremely quiet at less than 60db, and that also has not changed.

The new Hizero F803 now is 38w of power and even though it uses less watts, Hizero has found a way to make it more energy efficient, yet more powerful. It now has a brush speed of 90 RPM vs the F801/802 with the 80 RPM. This means a better clean for your floors.

The charging port has been changed. With the original Hizero model you had metal pads loc

ated in the dock of the unit. Now the new F803 comes with a charging port you can just plug the charger straight into that port. This elevates the margin of error when charging. I’m not sure about you but I noticed that sometimes when I put my Hizero away to charge in the docking base, I aime wrong and miss the latch and it isn’t actually charging, so this feature really helps with improved connection reliability.

Speaking of docking base…that has also been upgraded in other ways. Not only did Hizero remove the charging function, but they added roller docks to store your rollers when you don’t plan on using the unit in a long time. This keeps the rollers cleaner.

The dirty water tank has also been upgraded. There is a new water level sensor that doesn’t need as much maintenance and cleaning. It is less sensitive to grime.

For us service centers, we will have less screws to deal with which also gives it a cleaner look.

The design upgrades to the Hizero F803 included an updated control panel. Some of the icons have changed, but you will still recognize what they mean, if anything, they are less confusing.

The cleaning roller now has tighter tolerance control and improved consistency. This also will give you enhanced cleaning efficiency and less water leakage complaints. The solid waste container’s redesign will allow more ease of use in removing and installing it.

The brains of the unit are better, with a new PCB board and battery. Also, the connection in the handle is more reliable, so it doesn’t come disconnected during use. Other internal parts are also more durable like, the cleaning roller and brush roll motor, water pump and air pump averaging 3-4x the service life!

Hizero also has done several reliability and durability test to ensure this new and improved model will withstand the test of time. So go ahead and purchase one knowing you are getting a quality unit!


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