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Don’t let your lungs be the last filter!

How clean is the air in your home do you know? How clean is the air you breathe? Do you or someone in your family have allergies? Do you find yourself dusting a lot?

Boneco air purifiers are the best solution we have found to keep your air healthy clean free from dust and allergens.

For over 20 years we carried the Oreck air purifiers. Oreck air purifiers were fantastic because they filtered the air without having to replace the filters. Instead you would just wash the Truman cell. Oreck recently decided to discontinue their line of air purifiers. Lucky for us as a business, we had already decided to bring in Boneco air purifiers.

The reason I decided to invest in Boneco is because the HEPA filter and air purifiers not only have a gorgeous design that is sleak and modern but the company themselves is in the business clean air.

I have owned several air purifiers throughout the years most of them have been Oreck. A few years back I decided to get a Dyson air purifier. I was impressed with Dyson‘s technology and their app for the phone. I was not impressed with the length of time the filter would last.

Often when it was time for a new filter they were on back order from Dyson. This was also frustrating. I don’t have bad allergies. I use air purifiers to keep my air clean and to cut down on the amount of dust in my home.

Dust is created by our own skin cells shedding our pets skin cells cells shedding and outdoor dirt that comes in when our windows and doors are opened. In all the years I have owned air purifier I have seen firsthand how much dirt is being removed from my air that I breathe.

When I started using Boneco I could immediately see a difference in their design. Boneco air purifiers have a pre-filter which is very smart and essential in the air purifier design. The pre-filter catches large dust and dirt and allows you to be able to vacuum it off frequently. This pre-filter can also be washed off if you preferred to do it that way. This causes the actual filter of the air purifier to last longer. Some brands might claim their filters will last "up to" a year, but without that pre-filter I would be surprised if it did. This is what I found with my Dyson air purifier. It did not have any type of pre-filter so the HEPA filter had to shoulder all of the dust and dirt filtration. HEPA filters are designed to capture the microns not the large particles for best efficiency.

The other thing I like about Boneco as a company if they are in the business of clean air. All of their products revolve around your air. They make air purifiers, fans and humidifiers. I like it when a company focuses on one product line not only does this mean to me as a retailer that they are dedicated but it shows and expertise as well in that product. Many retailers carry so many different products like air purifiers, vacuums and blow dryer‘s for instance and none of their products end up being excellent they all end up mediocre.

Boneco air purifiers have a five year warranty the filters will need to be replaced once a year. Filters are not very expensive which is also another reason why I chose this line to sell. The filters on the P400 are $74.99 and filters on the P500 or $99.99. Those are the two models we choose to carry.

There are so many air purifier companies out there targeting us these days on social media and many of them are pretty expensive units. They come with big claims but really it comes down to filtration. Boneco HEPA Filters have a 99.97% removal of .3 microns and 95% removal down to .03 microns Most companies stop at the first rating and don't take the time to get rated at the .03 micron.

So if you’re looking for an air purifier I would highly recommend Boneco not only for the quality of product, the price point but also the company that stands behind them.

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