5 Cleaning Products I use at home.

I wanted to share with you 5 of the items I personally use to keep our home clean and sanitary. Trust me, it was hard choosing only 5. I have been in the vacuum and cleaning industry my whole life and have been actively using and selling these. products for 18 years. I have been fortunate enough to fill my store with products that are proven, high quality and that I trust for myself and my family.

Do you have a dedicated vacuum for your home only? Sounds silly right?

Many of my customer have a cleaning person. Or, you may be like me and find comfort and satisfaction in doing it yourself. Either way

you should have your own vacuum for your home. You should not allow your cleaning lady to bring hers nor should you be borrowing a friends. Having someone come clean your home may not be an option right now, so you might be doing it yourself. If you have a cleaning person, make sure they are using YOUR vacuum and not bringing their own. I have been telling customers this for years, but with the state of the world right now, it think its more prevalent why. Other people’s germs, whatever they may be, are all over their vacuum. Don’t share vacuums! This might mean buying your cleaning lady a vacuum they prefer using. My grandpa always said...you must have the right tool for the job, so give the person that vacuums the right tool for the job!


If you allergies or asthma, or if you just want the healthiest vacuum for your home. DO NOT USE A BAGLESS vacuum. Bagless vacuums are dirty, messy and extremely unsanitary. My store carries 99% BAGGED vacuums for a reason. Even thought the world has shifted to the bagless movement, that doesn’t mean its the healthiest method of disposing of your dirt. You use a trash bag in your kitchen garbage don’t you? Then why wouldn’t you use a bag in your vacuum? Bagged vacuum cleaners will leave your air cleaner than it was. Bagless vacuums cannot claim this EVER. Food for thought.


I love my steamer. It’s used for deep cleaning of my floors, counters, showers, windows and so much more. Using steam is extremely effective and chemical-free way to kill bed bugs along with E. coli, salmonella, H1N1 and other bacteria or viruses without leaving any harmful chemical residue behind. Ditch the bacteria ridden mops and sniffers. These are extremely ineffective and almost counter-productive to cleaning! Our Vapamore M100 Steamer is the solution.

E Cloths

Running low on paper towels? Do your paper towels remove 99% of bacteria when you use them? Didn’t think so! So switch to E-Cloths. We have carried this product for years. E-cloth is a premium, task-specific microfiber cleaning product that will remove 99% of bacteria just using water. This claim has been laboratory tested and is unique to e-cloth only. No other microfiber cloths can claim this.

How do they work? Run the General Purpose Cloth under the tap and then wring it out. This “charges” the cloth by filling the

microscopic voids between and within the cloth’s fibers with water. When you draw the cloth across a dirty surface, those water molecules attract and stick to particles of dirt, grease, grime, even bacteria and mold, pulling the particles into the voids and trapping them there. Rinsing the cloth with warm or hot water, or running it through a machine wash cycle, releases the trapped particles and refreshes the cloth. Amazing.

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