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30 years of Service

2020 marks a huge milestone for our company. This year we are being honored at 30 year members of the Vacuum Distributors Trade Association.

In honor of this milestone I would like to share the story of how my family business came to be:

Back in 1983, my dad opened his very first vacuum store.

After decades of working for someone else, he had decided he wanted the chance to become his own boss.

While still working his "day job" he worked on weekends and in the evenings, relying on friends and family to help get his small business off the ground.

I know my dad opened his business to take control of his time and provide for his family. But, I bet he never dreamed it would become something he could pass on to me.

After all, the odds were against him:

20% of small businesses fail in their first year

50% of small businesses fail after five years

But he defied the odds, and his small business legacy still exists 35 years later. What started out in Chicago has now traveled here to Florida.

I've had the privilege of working with my dad for most of my life.

Now, I have followed in his footsteps and become a small business owner, too.

We're continuing his legacy together.

He is and will always be my hero.

Remember, when you shop small you are supporting a dream!

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