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Welcome the new store Dog Sarah!

I have so many exiting announcements!

In May we got married and went on our fabulous honeymoon (thank you to all who had patience with us while Bart ran the store on his own...he did so well!)

After we returned in June we wasted no time creating our perfect family. We are thrilled to welcome sweet Sarah into our home.

Our family is complete! Sarah is a 3.5 month old rescued Potcake dog from the Bahamas. Check out the video in this email to learn all about Potcakes.

So far she she is a laid back, smart and sweet puppy. If you have a chance please take a moment to stop by and say hi to her. We are getting her use to her "job" here as greeter.

Sarah also has an Instagram Account: @sarahbearthepotcake where you can follow her life too.

God has sent us a great puppy and I know Sasha would have approved of her too!

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