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Changing with the times...

I can't believe it has already been a month since I have begun my journey in Owner/Operating. Let me say, it has been so exciting. I received such a positive response last month to my announcement. I appreciate you all so much. One customer even brought me ice cream! What a treat!

It took a week to get into my groove but then I was back in manager mode. As a manager of my Dad's stores, I was expected to not only manage the day-to-day tasks, but our store managers are entrusted with the task to get customers to visit the store. How does someone do this? 10 years ago when I was managing the store I would send out post card reminders to customers and sometimes even call them to remind them of their important annual tune up. When I began making those calls to customers I quickly realized that TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

Customers don't want to receive calls, and if you can't put them at ease within the first few seconds that your call is not a marketing or spam call, then I was receiving some angry responses.

Had to think of a quick solution. I began to research companies that have texting platforms and we decided to partner with Podium to bring our customers a new experience in vacuum repair. I like to think we are pretty cutting edge when it comes to our competitors in the industry. We will now be able to communicate with customers via text! Our customers can even check in on their vacuum at any point and one of us will respond via text. We also can send review requests, reminders and maybe even some special discounts.

I'm beginning to feel old when I realize how much has changed in 10 years, but it gives me the goal to continue to keep up and change with the times in business and personal life!

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