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The delicious Orange Cinnamon fragrance will make every drive something to look forward to!


Say goodbye to dull drives! The Orange Cinnamon fragrance will entrance you with its warm, spicy aromas. Top notes of peppery ginger meld with sweet, tangy orange. Tonka bean adds character to the fragrance as it entwines with the heat of nutmeg and charm of cinnamon. Exquisite vanilla accents and exotic fruity aromas of coconut assert themselves in the base. Musk closes the composition with a touch of sensuality. Transform your car interior into a cozy, spice-infused respite from your stressful day. Savor joyful, delicious aromas that make any drive a delightful experience.

Fragrance intensity: 3 out of 5. Compatible with all Maison Berger Paris car diffusers.

Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refills (2pk)

SKU: LB-6435
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