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Genuine Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Belts Part# 38528-033. 


  • Fits Models : UH-70110, UH-70120, UH70110, UH70120, UH70105, UH70100, UH70115, UH70106, UH70107, UH70116, UH71009, UH70102, CH53010, CH53005, UH70800, UH70820, UH70830, UH70810, UH70801PC, UH70805, UH70809, UH70819, UH70805, UH70809, UH70819, UH70825, UH70829, UH70832, UH70839, UH70805DI, UH70801PC, UH70811PC, UH70815CDI, UH70831PC, UH70816, UH72011, UH72003, UH70860, UH70120PDI, UH70831PDI, UH70801PDI, UH70811PDI, UH70839CDI, UH70800CDI, UH70817, UH72011CDI.
  • Genuine Part # 562932001, 38528058. Also replaces 38528033
  • Replace your belts every 3 to 6 months.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum Cleaner Belts Genuine Part# 38528033

SKU: H-38528033
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