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Handmade HEPA Mask


This mask is made to order. Handmade in several sizes. These are being made of HEPA vacuum bags and cotton fabric. All fabric is pre-washed. Please allow 1 week to make mask and ship.


Mask is WASHABLE. Hand wash with cold water and mild detergent, air dry. 


4 Sizes to choose from sizing:

XL - Adults with larger faces, most men.

L - Men with thinner faces & Most Women

M - Young Kids & Some Teens

S - Toddlers


If you have sizing questions you can text us. Provide us with the measurement from the bridge of your nose to your chin. We can only make suggestions based off information given. Due to the fact these are hand-made, we cannot accept returns on masks so please make sure. The "model" is wearing a size Large. 


* This facemask is made by Vac MD. This facemask is NOT ASTM compliant masks, N95 mask or surgical mask nor does Vac MD represent that these masks will resist the COVID 19 Virus or any other virus or bacterial infection. Please see photo about effectiveness of vacuum bags as masks. These vacuum bags DO NOT contain fiberglass. 


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