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This natural carpet cleaner will effectively eliminate all of your stains and odors!


Carpet Shampoo is the natural and effective solution to carpet cleaning. This highly effective, safe, product can be used as a spot remover or in a carpet cleaning machine to completely eliminate large stains and odors. When you clean your home with Carpet Shampoo you will get fresh smelling, clean carpets, without leaving behind anything  that can be harmful to your family or pets. Unlike most soap-based carpet cleaners, Carpet Shampoo will completely clean your carpets without leaving a sticky residue behind. Just because it is natural doesn't mean you have to settle for a less powerful product. We make safe products that work! And work, this does! We guarantee that you'll love this product or we will give you a full refund! 

Carpet Shampoo

SKU: UM-221
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