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The Aroma Diffuser Mist Respire promotes the feeling of respiratory well-being thanks to its aromatic raw materials, divinely fresh and its essential oils with aromachological virtues. Make an icy walk in the heart of the fresh notes of eucalyptus, menthol and mint, reassuring and powerful. The aroma of thyme brings a tonic side and marries the woody scents of pine needles. 


This Aroma Breath Mist Diffuser Refill will become the essential fragrance during the winter season. Ready to use, this olfactory composition is enriched with the right balance of perfume and essential oils. The use is immediate, fast and simple. In addition, the fouling and scaling of your electric diffuser is controlled and limited. A recharge is equivalent to approximately 40 hours of broadcasting. Once finished, discover another fragrance from the Aroma collection with remarkable scented benefits corresponding to your state of mind.


Aroma Respire Mist Diffuser Fragrance- Icy Stroll 475ml

Aroma Respire Mist Diffuser Fragrance

SKU: LB-6460
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