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The Aroma Love Mist Diffuser Refill arouses your senses with its sensual and floral fragrance ready for use. At the top, the orange blossom comes to capture your sense of smell with its sensual notes energized by the freshness of green notes. Always in the flowery register, find the attractive ylang-ylang essential oil mixed with the delicate lily of the valley in heart notes. The marine notes will bring a breath of freshness contrasted by the ultra-sensual and slightly earthy facets provided by the essential oil of patchouli, delicately supported by a vanilla delicacy. This Aroma Love Mist Diffuser Refill has many aromachological virtues. Ready to use, this solution contains the right dosage of perfume and essential oils for unrivaled ease of use. Pour the perfume into the mist diffuser and let yourself be carried away by these original scents. 

Do you dare to test this fragrance enriched with essential oils? If the seventh heaven can wait, discover the other scents and fragrant gestures of the Aroma collection.

Aroma Love Mist Diffuser Fragrance

SKU: LB-6453
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