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The top-selling TurboCat non-electric, air-driven turbine central vacuum cleaner for all central vacuum systems. Use any central vacuum hose with Turbocat, they are all compatible - guaranteed.

Vacuum pressure spins the turbine and beater brush for deep carpet grooming. Use non-button lock bottom extension wands to connect the hose to the TurboCat (wands are not included). Powerhead is 12.5-inch wide.


This TurboCat is made by HP Vacuflo and is the exact replacement for all colors of ANY power brush that looks like it including the following model names TurboCat II, TurboCat Plus, TL2000, T210, TP210, TurboCat V, Turbocat Vacuflo, Ultra TP210, VM179B, VM179, and Turbine Power Heads #7160, 7161, 7210, RD1990, and HD-1990. Confusing, yes, but there is only one power brush and it is sold under many different names.


The advantage of an air-driven turbine power head is they run without electricity and fit on every central vacuum hose in any system.


Compatible with many popular brands

This includes: Beam, Nutone, Electrolux, Vacuflo, Airvac, Cyclovac, Honeywell, and many more. 

  • Extra Deep Dirt Channel
  • Impact Resistant Casing
  • Light, Responsive, Easy Maneuverability
  • Sleek Low Profile Design - (Only 2 2/3" High)
  • Superior Cleaning Performance
  • High-Speed Turbine Power
  • Deep Cleaning Agitator Brush
  • Large Air Intake Port
  • Superior Edge Cleaning
  • Easy Glide Wheels
  • Double Edge Cleaning 
  • Cordless-No Electricity
  • Deep Sweep Brush Roller 
  • Lightweight: 5 lbs


The Turbocat TP210 is a powerful air-driven powerhead that features a light, sleek, low profile design which is perfect for reaching under tables, beds, and other furniture with ease. This air-driven powerhead harnesses the airflow of a central vacuum system for a deep, thorough clean. It requires no batteries, additional cords or electricity.

Turbocat TP210

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