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Prevents Septic System Disasters


Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

  • Stronger and more powerful than all leading brands
  • Prevents sewage back-ups, clogs, and septic odors
  • Saves you money by extending time between pump outs
  • No more messes or wasted money on outdated treatments
  • Breaks down fats, oils, grease, and paper waste
  • Promotes proper perking and leach field health
  • Works in all types of septic systems
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $50


The Problem

You may have heard from your septic pumper that you don’t need to treat your system with a treatment product. And in an ideal world that may be true. But here’s the truth: Most of us (or our house guests) don’t use our septic systems the way they were intended to be used. Our systems are routinely overused and abused. We flood them with water from back-to-back showers and excessive laundry. We send food down the garbage disposal and allow solids to flow down our drains that can cause major problems in our septic fields. We use chemical cleaners and personal items that disrupt waste digestion in the septic tank causing excessive waste to build up, leading to more frequent pumping, or worse - sewage backups in our home. The reality is this: because most of us do not treat our systems in the way they were designed to be used, we have to support them with a treatment. If you fail to treat your system, inevitably you’re going to end up with one of two problems:


  • You’ll have to pump your septic system more often. More pumping = more $$$.
  • You’ll end up with sewage backing up into your home, unbearable odors, or complete septic failure that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair or replace.


Because of our modern lifestyles and the impact they have on our systems, many septic professionals are increasingly starting to recommend the use of a high quality treatment. But not all treatments are created equal. Most of the leading septic treatments claim to protect your system. But in reality, these treatments are outdated, under-powered, overpriced, and all-around ineffective methods that still leave you exposed to septic disasters.


The Solution

You need a powerhouse septic system treatment that easily outworks the competition. A treatment that is stronger than the leading brands, completely mess-free, and capable of delivering a mind-blowing amount of powerful bacteria and enzymes to your whole system. Say hello to Septic System Digester and goodbye to stress, worry, and expensive repairs.


The Science

With a more advanced formula and higher concentrations of active ingredients, Septic System Digester runs circles around the leading septic treatments. With every application, you can rest easy knowing your system is getting everything it needs to operate at peak performance. One bottle of Septic System Digester will treat your entire septic system for one month, delivering the most advanced strains of waste-digesting bacteria to your system to effortlessly break down solid waste, fats and oils, grease and toilet paper, while helping stimulate proper leach field perking and promoting overall system health. And thanks to our commitment to producing eco-friendly and non-toxic products, you can rest easy knowing that Septic System Digester is totally safe to use from flush to field.

Septic System Digester | Liquid

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