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SEBO Filter Bag Box (#6629AM) 8 pack for the AIRBELT K-Series canister vacuums.


An integral part of SEBO's filtration system, SEBO top-fill, three-layer bags hold virtually all dirt captured by the vacuum, which improves the effectiveness and useful life of the microfilters. Box contains 8 three-layer Ultra Bags with caps.


SEBO vacuum bags are made of three-layered high-quality paper with a special sealing system for more hygienic dust removal. These filters are of standard HEPA quality and are commonly referred to as “Hospital Grade”. Combined with a HEPA microfiber exhaust filter makes sure 99.97% of microns 0.3 and larger are filtered from the air as you vacuum.


  • All Sebo Airbelt K Series Vacuums
  • Airbelt K1 K2 K3


Green packaging is the newest packaging. 

Sebo K Series Vacuum Cleaner Bags 6629ER

SKU: 6629AM
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