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Protect your home and make vacuuming a snap with our Bumper for Canister & Central Vacuum System Power Nozzles. This unique bumper-guard stays firmly attached and fits a wide variety of vacuum brands. 

VH66MD offers a perfect fit for Miele's SEB 228 & 236 and Wessle-Werk's EBK 360 powerheads with front widths between 12" and 14".    


For Wessle-Werk's EBK 340, please purchase our custom fit bumper: VHPTWW.


  • Universal fit for all vacuum brands
  • Made of soft, durable fabric laminated with a dense foam-rubber
  • Attaches securely with Velcro®
  • Easy Installation
  • Machine Washable

Powerhead Bumper Guard | VH66MD

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