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The Miele SES 130 Deluxe Electric Hose is designed to fit the S5 Capricorn with serial number of 114312225 and later.  This is a crushproof electric hose that has an on/off button for the Powerhead, an on/off button for the machine, +/- buttons to adjust the suction power and a light-up display to show you your current suction setting.


It is direct connect on both the wand and machine ends, so there are no cords to plug in.  This crushproof type of hose will not crush like wire-reinforced hoses, is smooth on the inside to maximize air flow and has a swivel handle that prevents kinking.


For Capricorns with serial number before 114312225, the SES130/1 Electric Hose is needed. T

Miele SES130 Deluxe Electric Hose

SKU: MI-10073614
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