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  • Quattro Cleaning System with improved dust pick-up
  • Cleans about 860 square ft. per session
  • 4 Cleaning Modes
  • WifiConn@ct
  • MobilControl
  • Side brush dust-strippers
  • 3D Smart navigation
  • Timer lets you decide when the Scout cleans your floors
  • Manual Navigation
  • Auto, spot, corner, silent, and turbo mode
  • Remote control included
  • AirClean filter removes fine dust particles
  • Compact and flat low profile design
  • Includes charging station and power adapter


The Miele Scout RX2 robot vacuum cleans your floors for you even when you're not is home. Simply set the timer for exactly when you want your robot to clean for you and enjoy clean floors every day. You can define any areas of your home that you don't want your robot to vacuum. Simply place the supplied magnetic strip on the floor to block the Scout's access. The robot vacuum cleaner will not cross the magnetic strip, providing you with peace of mind. The combination of a built-in camera and gyro sensors helps the Scout know its position within a room and is able to reach corners and edges for reliable cleaning. The Scout RX2 is equipped with two front brushes made from extra-long fiber material that rotate to collect dirt and debris from your floor. New side brush dust-strippers ensure that the side brushes remain clean while sweeping the floor. An effective turbo brush and high-efficiency suction system collect dirt into a 16 oz. dustbin. A new chevron-style brush roll more effectively cleans all floor types, while a new sealing lip safeguards dust from passing underneath uncollected. The Miele Scout sets new standards for robot vacuum cleaners; operating up to 1 hour with a single charge. During this time it cleans about 860 square feet.

Miele Scout RX2

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