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  • 3.5 bar steam pressure
  • In-board fan with auto on/off function
  • Height adjustment
  • Honeycomb sole plate
  • Automatic descaling


Whether for business or leisure, you wouldn't leave your appearance to chance! That's why, for the final touch, you only trust a true professional; the Miele FashionMaster quickly and gently provides the optimum ironing result.


The unique soleplate with honeycomb structure ensures best results and optimum laundry care. It spreads the steam quickly and evenly over the entire soleplate.


What if you spontaneously decide to wear another outfit? No probem! With the FashionMaster you can quickly give a neat finish to any fabric.


Fast results and perfect style: with up to 4 bar steam pressure, the steam penetrates even the thickest materials, thereby reducing ironing time.


The active ironing board provides you with clever assistance when ironing. Its intelligent functions enable the gentle smoothing of sensitive or difficult fabrics like, silk blouses.


The steam button on the iron automatically activates the inflation or suction function on the ironing board. The inflation function ensures the gentle smoothing of delicate materials. The suction function intensifies the steam effect and is ideal for stronger materials. Additionally, the fabric is held to the ironing board and remains safely in position during ironing. It switches off automatically during ironing breaks.


The 1-2-Lift-System lets you effortlessly set up and fold away the FashionMaster in just a few seconds.


From washing to ironing, the Miele laundry system will provide the best possible care for all fabrics. Introducing the Miele FashionMaster - a premium ironing system that distinguishes itself through speed, versatility, convenience, and perfect results.

Miele FashionMaster Ironing System B3312

SKU: 13331221USA
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