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Miele SBD285-2 Classic Combination Floor Tool

Cleaning is all about being practical and in order to be practical, one needs practical tools. The time consumption tends to be quite high and the right tools can make quite a difference. This is basically the reasoning behind combination tools, which shorten the cleaning time by eliminating the need for tool replacement. The SBD285-2 classic combination floor tool, for example, performs beautifully on rugs and hard floors alike. The user can switch to the cleaning mode they prefer and do all their cleaning at once. The SBD285-2 classic combination floor tool is usually attached to the Solaris canister vacuum cleaners manufactured by Miele or supplied as an accessory with nozzle equipped appliances for better cleaning results. However, it is compatible with all canister and upright vacuum cleaners of the S2, S4 and S5 series launched by Miele.

The all-around brush strip used on bare floors lowers the risk of scratches while the front thread lifters ease the entrance of dirt and dust into the nozzle. Rugs and carpet floors do not require the use of the brush strip, so the dirt is pulled in directly by the sole plate. This part of the tool is made of steel and it is very gentle, which minimizes the risks of damaging the surface it comes into contact with significantly. The 285-2 combination tool delivers the best results on smooth floors, delicate carpet floors and rugs, the adjustment from one surface to another requiring a single click of a switch.

More benefits for the Miele SBD285-2 Classic Combination Floor Tool

Measuring 11.5 inches in width and 4 inches in depth, the Miele 285-2 tool features a multi-fastened elbow and roller system. The roller is made of rubber and supports the weight of the combination tool, thus relieving any additional pressure exercised by the wand. The height is adjusted during cleaning through the auto-adjust function which is enabled by one of the pivots of the combination tool, a second pivot allowing the adjustment of the cleaning angle depending on the areas that require cleaning and a third one easing the access to the dirt and dust that may settle under the furniture.

The SBD285-2 classic combination floor tool is an improved version of the SBD265 combination tool, which features one tab less on the elbow, a narrower rocker switch, a narrower wheel and no air channel in the sole plate. The 285-2 classic model is air driven, so it matches non-electric hoses perfectly, thus eliminating the need for extra hoses and wands and guaranteeing that convenience all consumers seek in vacuum cleaners and their accessories. All in all, the Miele SBD285-2 classic combination floor tool is not only an efficient and versatile tool, but also a universal one among Miele vacuum cleaners in that it does not raise any compatibility issues. Its very convenient design exceeds the expectations of consumers everywhere and allows them to make the best of their vacuum cleaners and their time at the same time.

Miele Classic Floor Tool SBD285-3

SKU: MI-07253830
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