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  • The Miele FJM Bags Fits These Models ONLY: - The Miele S200 Series - The Miele S300 Series - The Miele S600 Series - The Miele S4000 (S4) Series - The Miele S6000 (S6) Series - The Miele Compact C2 Series
  • Comes With 8 Genuine Miele FJM Airclean FilterBags, 2 Super Air Clean Filters and 2 Pre-Motor Protection Filters
  • The Miele GN Airclean Dustbag Has a Hygiene Shutter Built-In to Prevent Dirt and Debris from Re-Entering Your House. The Hygiene Shutter is Spring-Loaded so as Soon as You Open the Machine the Shutter Will Close Not Allowing Any Dirt to Escape. The Collar of the Bag Also Contains a Rubber Seal to Ensure All of the Dirt Picked Up is Contained within the Bag
  • The Included Super Air Clean Filter is Designed for Normal Household Use. It is Made of Multi-ply Material, which is Electro Statically Charged to Capture and Hold onto Extremely Small Dust Particles. The Super Air Clean filter is so Effective it Removes Nearly 94% of Particles as Small as 0.3 Microns
  • 100% Random Spun Fibers. Soft Structure allows air to pass through smoothly.

Miele AirClean 3D FJM XL Pack

SKU: MI-10455190
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