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The Lift Plus has all the feature sof the lift, PLUS more: the revolutionary pulse steam, a backlit LED water tank and the fantastic 3D active soleplate. Includes steam cord holer.


Compact and light, Laurastar Lift is the first steam generator with a handle that lets you take it everywhere, from teh ironing board to the clothes hanger. It is as effective for a final touch on a hanging garmet as for ironing a shirt on the board itself. The Lift features a professional, ultra-light soleplate, which diffuses a manual ultra-fine, powerful steam taht adapts to all your fabrics. Includes steam cord holder.



All Laurastar Products Cleared to Protect Against COVID-19  


Medford, Ore. – July xx, 2020 – Laurastar, the world leader in quality ironing systems, is proud to announce they have received official certification from Microchem Laboratory, confirming Laurastar’s exclusive hygienic steam can kill germs found on fabrics, including COVID-19. The certification solidifies Laurastar as an essential tool to protect users from the current COVID-19 pandemic.


The certification was granted after Microchem Laboratory tested Laurastar’s exclusive Dry Microfine Steam (DMS), a unique technology of hygienic steaming. DMS is heated to over 285°F and pressurized up to 50psi. The water molecules are transformed into gas with exceptional energy that easily passes through textiles, transferring heat and energy into the fibers and naturally eliminating 99.9% germs. Other products and methods like machine-washing with low temperatures or short cycles may help preserve energy, but they allow microorganisms like bacteria or viruses to spread through textiles. Not only does Laurastar products naturally eliminate germs, but they also help preserve colors and protects delicate fabrics.


“Laurastar is delighted to announce our certification from Microchem Laboratory,’ said Philipp Ueltschi, President of Laurastar US. “For 40 years, Laurastar has been passionate about providing the most innovative and highest-quality iron and steaming products on the market. As a family-owned business, we value the time spent at home with loved ones. This is why we strive to ensure our products effectively and naturally purify clothes and fabrics to create a safe place for the entire family. As we begin to get back to our daily routines, we hope this certification brings peace of mind and reassurance to our consumers.”


Laurastar offers a full line of sustainable products that help make daily ironing and steaming more efficient and effective. Each Laurastar product includes exclusive technologies like the active board that features a fan and vacuum system and advanced 3D alumninum solplates that helps distribute steam evenly. In addition, Laurastar offers smart products that use app functionality to turn phones into ironing coaches equipped with helpful tips.. Laurastar irons start selling at $499 and  are know for their long lifespan,

Laurastar Lift Plus Steam Iron

SKU: LS-000601520
$1,099.00 Regular Price
$899.00Sale Price
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