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P727 is a polishing powder for repairing and renewing the polish of marble and limestone surfaces, using special polishing machines. For professional use only. P727 contains oxalic acid and can etch the surface if applied incorrectly.

Important: Sensitive surfaces like wood, parquet, carpets etc. must be protected. Deep scratches must be sanded out before application. P727 is not effective on granite, resin based agglomerate, or any other material devoid of calcium carbonate. Darker natural stone usually does not polish up well or as easily as lighter colored stones. Some types of marble and limestone are very difficult or impossible to polish, so test the effectiveness in a small inconspicuous place to determine suitability. If under floor heating exists, make sure it is turned off at least two days before application to allow the surface to cool.

Instructions: Clean the surface thoroughly. Work on small sections at a time. Wet the area to be treated with water mixed with HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner. Allow the solution to soak in for a few minutes then sprinkle the polishing powder onto the wet surface and polish immediately until the desired gloss is generated. The remaining paste must be removed immediately (do not allow it to dry) with water and HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner diluted 1:10, using a cloth, sponge or wet vac. Ensure that P727 is not sprinkled onto adjacent polished surfaces and ensure that any polishing machines and pads are not placed onto the floor itself or adjacent surfaces as this can cause damage. The build up of paste during the polishing process can be reduced by applying additional water. Rinse the treated areas thoroughly with clean water to remove any polishing powder residue. If the residue is not removed completely, it can cause spots.

Coverage: About 200-400 sq. feet per 750 grams (26.5oz or 1L) container.

Warning: Chemical product. Contains solvent combined with solid matter. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use the product in temperatures below 50 and above 80°F.

Packaging: 12 x 1L bottles per box, 2 x 5L bottles per box.

Storage: Store in cool dry place.

Testing: Always test the product in an inconspicuous area to evaluate suitability, coverage and performance.

Limitation of liability: The liability of HMK® Moeller Stone Care and/or ACI International for defective products and any claims for damages whatsoever is limited to the purchase price of the products. HMK® Moeller Stone Care and/or ACI International shall not be liable for any consequential damages. No other warranty or representation is made or implied.


SKU: P727
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