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The plastic canister vacuum cleaner from Clean Obsessed is a full feature model that is great for both residential and commercial use, and, with its tank style, it’s just like the Electrolux vacuum that you grew up with. This powerful canister vacuum is also maneuverable and features excellent filtration, through the bag and the exhaust filter, which is placed in the top rear filter compartment on the canister. Also included with the 15″ carpet cleaning power nozzle is a deluxe floor brush for hardwood floors and a 3-in-1 attachment tool, which you can store conveniently onto the wand. Additionally, this model comes with two separate wands–an electric, two-piece wand, which you can use with your power head to clean carpets, as well as a lightweight, aluminum wand that works great with the 12″ floor brush and attachment tool. What’s more is that this vacuum uses 1.25″ outer diameter wands that allow you to use standard vacuum tools and attachments made by numerous other vacuum manufacturers.



  • 15″ Carpet cleaning power nozzle with reset switch
  • 12″ Floor brush for hardwood floors and other smooth surfaces
  • Combination rug/floor tool
  • Two-piece electric wand
  • Telescopic non-electric aluminum wand
  • 2-in-1 Attachment for dusting and upholstery
  • Hand Turbo Brush
  • Brushroll on/off switch on hose handle
  • Suction control slide on top of hose handle
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Protective bumper on canister
  • CRI Approved

Clean Obsessed Deluxe Canister Vacuum CO888

SKU: CO888
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