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Aroma Happy Mist Diffuser Refill and its aquatic freshness are a real booster for your morale. The fragrance begins with juicy fruity notes of green apple, grapefruit and melon, very fresh with a strong appeal. The monoï comes to bring a little summer air combined with the floral subtlety of lily of the valley in heart notes. Then, the sensual velvet of the fishing, the exoticism of the vanilla and the coconut are sublimated by warm and amber notes. The olfactory composition enriched with clove essential oil helps to give you tone. The Aroma Happy Mist Diffuser Refill is ready to use! Just pour the solution into your mist diffuser and enjoy the benefits of this fragrance. The Aroma range is expanding with the launch of this new gesture.

Aroma Happy Aquatic Freshness Mist Diffuser Fragrance

SKU: LB-6464
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