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The Aroma Focus Mist Diffuser Refill optimally perfumes your home with its Aromatic Leaves fragrance. You feel all the power of basil and its essential oil in all of this perfume, with its aniseed and fresh tip. This refined aroma blends with green, spicy and fresh notes of star anise and spearmint essential oil. 


The Aroma Focus Mist Diffuser Refill contains essential oils recognized for their aromachological virtues favoring concentration and creativity. A balanced fragrance with the right amount of essential oils, ready for use. Practical and intuitive, you can say goodbye to measuring the amount of water and essential oils problems! 


Maison Berger Paris created the Aroma collection with fragrances that contain essential oils dedicated to relax the body and mind, revitalize the senses and boosting your mood. 


Aroma Focus Mist Diffuser Fragrance- Aromatic Leaves 475ml

Aroma Focus Mist Diffuser Fragrance

SKU: LB-6461
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