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Cleaning with HMK® Stone Care

HMK R154 Stripper Stain Remover

Professional liquid stripper/stain remover for all mineral, porcelain/ceramic tile surfaces. Strips heavy wax coats, most sealers, varnishes, and other protective build-ups. Prepares the surface for application of new finishes. Ideal for removing paint, oil, grease, tar, and other stains (can be used in a poultice).

HMK R155 Intensive Grout Cleaner

Superior pH 8.5 neutral cleaner for all natural and cast stone, agglomerate, and ceramic tile, regardless of surface finish. Removes cement/grout film residue, light construction dirt, soil, and light wax coats. Recommended for polished and honed surfaces since it does not contain acid and will not etch finishes.

HMK R156 Marble Bathroom Cleaner

A superior spray cleaner that removes soap residue, lime, and other
deposits from honed, polished, and textured natural and man-made stone surfaces in showers, bathrooms, and sanitary areas. R156 also cleans and refreshes the grout between tiles.

HMK R163 Cement Film Remover

Removes grout and cement residue, heavy construction dirt, lime and calcium deposits, and efflorescence. For interior and exterior use. For professional use only!

HMK R165 Terracotta Cleaner

Removes grout & cement residue, construction dirt, lime and calcium deposits, and efflorescence. Suitable for all unglazed terracotta, brick & block paving and clay tiles.

HMK R179 Rust Remover

R179 is a special ready to use cleaner for use on all-natural and artificial stone surfaces that removes rust stains caused by metal furniture, central heating leaks, fertilizer with traces of iron, iron filings, etc… R179 contains special rust inhibitors that reduce future rust development. R179 is especially suitable for polished marble and limestone.

HMK R159 Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Fast acting, multi-purpose cleaner for all ceramic tile, and sanitary installations. Thoroughly removes dirt, urine, calcium deposits, rust, and cement/grout film residue from surface and grout joints.

HMK R160 Moss & Mould Remover

Instantly eliminates mildew, algae, and fungus. Designed for bathrooms, cellars, kitchens, and moist areas where mildew or moss may form. Excellent for cleaning stone slabs, facades, walls, tombstones, fountains, etc. Also used for the removal of organic stains. R60 disinfects as it cleans.


For initial cleaning and periodic maintenance of porcelain tile. Thoroughly removes construction dirt, wax finishes, soot, grease, and oil.

**Although HMK® makes this product, it is not imported to the US because the R155 will work just as well and it's a green product. 

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