Made in Germany, the ESSENTIAL G series are super durable, technically advanced, commercial-grade upright vacuum cleaners! There are two models, offering a choice between power head widths . . . the 12-inch ESSENTIAL G1 and the 15-inch ESSENTIAL G2. Both power head sizes have four-level manual height adjustment, effectively clean carpets and hard-floor surfaces, and have excellent pet hair removal.

The two models feature an electronic controller that acts as a brain, alerting users to a worn brush or when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning. Also, the vacuum shuts off automatically when a full bag, a clog, or a brush roller obstruction occurs, which protects the motor, belts and carpets from damage.

The ESSENTIAL G1 and G2 are powerful, yet quiet, and will provide years of reliable use! They even have an exterior housing with a scratch and scuff-resistant matte finish and a soft-start feature that extends motor life. They also have a convenient instant-use cleaning wand and suction hose with an eight-foot reach, three on-board tools, and a five-year parts and labor warranty. Additional features include excellent filtration, a giant 1.4-gallon bag, an extra long 40-foot cord, protective rubber-coated wheels, a low 5.5-inch horizontal cleaning profile that fits under beds and furniture, and tool-free brush roller removal for replacement or bristle cleaning.

Sebo Essential G1


    Suction Motor: 1300 Watts

    Brush Motor: n/a

    Airflow (motor rating): 103.8 CFM

    Water Lift (motor rating): 92.5 in.

    Belt Guarantee: 5 Years

    Brush Height Adjustment: Manual

    Suction Motor Protection: Electronic

    Bag Capacity: 1.4 gal.

    Handle Weight: 1.5 lbs.

    Body Weight: 16.9/17.1 lbs.

    Variable Suction Control: No

    Bare Floor Cleaning: Yes

    Dusting Brush Included: Yes

    Cleaning Wand Included: Yes

    Cord Length/Range: 40 ft.

    Power Head Width: 12in./15 in.

    Hose Length: 6 ft.

    S-class Filtration: Yes

    Adjustable Handle: No

    HEPA Filtration Available: Yes

    Use Without Power Head: No

    Brush Height Settings: 4

    Brush Wear Compensation: Manual

    Brush Speed: 3100 RPM




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