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It cleans. Achieved by our state-of-the-art HEPA ESP filter technology.


It cools. Superior air circulation into every corner of your home.


It's revolutionary. Once used, forever loved.


The fan provides perfect air circulation ensuring cleaned air reaches every corner of your home. Fan and Purifier in one! With the BONECO HEPA ESP filter technology and UV-C light – achieves a CADR 125 CFM and catches germs, viruses and bacteria.


The indoor air quality can be five times  more polluted that the outdoor air!

The BONECO HEPA ESP filter technology and the unique combination of the UV-C light protect your family.


• Boneco HEPA ESP filter removes particles down to .3 microns

• UV light kills airborne viruses and bacteria

• Ionizer clusters particles to make them easier to capture

• Cleanable filter lasts up to 3 years, saving you hundreds in filter costs!

• CADR 125 CFM

• Ideal solution for year-round circulation and purification

• Size: 14.8 x 14.8 x 33.5 or 19.3 in

• Removable pole section to reduce fan height to 19.3 in when desired

• 270 degrees manually rotatable airflow

• Rotational knob controls 4-speed levels

Boneco F220CC Clean & Cool Air Purifier

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