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A pair of thrilling fragrances! The Adagio Lamp Refill Duopack contains two fragrances, both built around scents found in nature and both uniquely their own. For a floral, sensual ambiance, the Velvet of Orient home fragrance will seduce you with its spicy warmth. Poppy flower melds with irresistible facets of energetic coffee flower and airy orange blossom. Zesty citrus and spicy pepper add vitality before the composition lands on a base of voluptuous, delicately ambered vanilla and daring cedarwood. The Wilderness fragrance is fresh and woody. Composed around the unique green scent of tomato leaves, this fragrance is an ode to nature. Zesty lime and leathery white birch add to its unique effect. Enjoy the odor-eliminating benefits of these fragrances as you imbue the air with luxurious aroma. What mood are you in today?

Use with any Lampe Berger to purify and delicately perfume your home. The Lampe Berger has a unique and patented diffusion system that helps eradicate undesirable odors and bacteria while also diffusing your favorite fragrance. Purify your air the French way.

This set includes:

  • Velvet of Orient Lamp Fragrance Refill 250 ml (8.5 oz)
  • Wilderness Lamp Fragrance Refill 250 ml (8.5 oz)

Adagio Lamp Fragrance Refill Duopack

SKU: LB-23990
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